dscf06252I picked up my new business cards from  C-K Graphics 
today and am very happy with them. They’re printed on Neenah Classic Crest Recycled White, 130 lb. cover. Just right!

One of my pet peeves is wimpy, flimsy business cards. Boingy, I call them. (Yes, that’s a highly technical print term!)

Some business cards are boingier than others

It’s not just the paper weight you choose. The paper’s grain direction can be more influential than you’d think, especially with lighter weight card stocks. See for yourself with this experiment: Cut two business card shapes out of a piece of cover-weight stock, one horizontal on the page, the other vertical. You’d swear one was thicker than the other! The one that bends more and feels flimsy (like the most curvy ones in the photo at left) is grain short. The one that feels more substantial and rigid is grain long.

In this day of quick and dirty business cards, printers sometimes cram as many cards onto one print form as possible. This usually means they’ll be run grain short, which will be especially noticeable on coated paper.


Disaster Avoidance Tip

If you don’t want boingy business cards, specify card stock that’s at least 100 lb. Then select a printer who will agree to print them grain long. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s one small thing you can do that subtly communicates quality whenever you hand out your card.