Another Printing Disasters—and How to Avoid Them story…

The June ’09 issue of Print Magazine came in the mail today. Inside was a promo from  French Paper that said (among other things),  “Communicate more honestly through paper—people crave color and texture, the tangible and the real.”

Can I get a witness! I love that the products I shepherd into being are tangible, tactile, and real—objects I can hold in my hands and say, “It is finished and it is good.” So many things in life are more amorphous and endless, aren’t they?

For me, a successful print piece is a sensory experience—sculptural, kinetic. If it’s a book, there’s physical satisfaction in the way the pages open and turn, the way the visual pacing takes the reader from one place to the next, the way the piece pleases the senses with the texture or smoothness of the paper, the richness of the color, the beauty of the type, even the smell of fresh ink. (Yes, real printing afficionados do open the cartons and sniff the ink!)

This month’s Print also features a review of Handmade Nation, a film about the rise of “craft culture” in the midst of tweets and podcasts, websites and social media. This and other handmade movements (Etsy, anyone?) reassure me that there are others who crave the tangible and the real, a reality with a place for aesthetically pleasing objects that engage not just the eye but the hand.

© 2009 Nani Paape