I should have a pet peeve category for posts like this one.

When I put a print project out for bid recently and got the bids in, one of the bidding reps told me, “Well, my price may be high, but if my company is awarded the job, we can get you better pricing at that time.”

This particular vendor assumed that there would be a round two and that he would of course be in it. He wasn’t. His round one price was the highest of three by a long shot, so I dropped him from the running.

I do understand that further refinements and cost savings are sometimes possible once a job has been thoroughly engineered. In fact, my best vendors usually provide a finalized “live job” price once they’ve received the release files.

But undertaking multiple rounds of  bidding is time-consuming for the production manager, and due to time constraints, I’ll often narrow the pool if I need to price a second (or third or fourth!) round.

Disaster Avoidance Tip

Print vendors, you’d be well advised to provide a fair and real price at first round! If a print manager figures out that you’re playing a “how high can I get away with?” game, you won’t get a second chance to bid, while your competitor who came across as the straight shooter with a real price will be on his or her way to printing the job.