Another Printing Disasters—and How to Avoid Them story…

The Puget Sound Chapter of the American Marketing Association has just unveiled their new identity system, created for them by Modulor Associates, LLC.

Modulor Associates is an unusual design firm. Founded by Jeff Culver in 2009, Modulor is an information design consultancy that helps to bring order and clarity to complex organizations and their customer experiences. I like to think of what they do as designing extra-smart brands.

One big advantage of the new system Modulor designed for PSAMA is how it enables greatly improved cohesiveness of all visual communications from the organization, despite the fact that PSAMA is largely staffed by an ever-changing group of industry volunteers.

The new tools and processes they put in place also helped the PSAMA to dramatically improve its cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

The new system of tools and elements enables PSAMA volunteers to apply the brand consistently.

The new design template for PSAMA’s member event mailings builds brand recognition.

Style-wise, previous PSAMA mailings were all over the map.

Read All About It

For an in-depth description of Modulor Associates’ systematic approach to both simplifying the PSAMA identity system and making it easier to put to use, see the Modulor blog. You can also learn more about the thinking behind the design in a case study available for download there.

On the technical side, you can read about how I helped Modulor implement the PSAMA’s brand colors consistently across all touchpoints in this article on the Printing Disasters blog, Pinning Down Consistent Brand Color.

Congratulations, PSAMA and Modulor Associates—it’s wonderful to see such handsome and practical results!