Ah, Winter Solstice is here at last.

I can hardly wait for longer days to arrive. The return of the light is a really big deal here in the northern US (latitude N 47°), where today the skies will begin to darken around 3:45 PM!

I love the symbolism of Winter Solstice, too: longer days, the awakening of dormant things. There’s even an uncommon lunar eclipse tonight. The last time a total lunar eclipse and the Winter Solstice occurred on the same date was in 1638!  I hope we’ll have clear enough skies to see the eclipse in Seattle.*

Despite the darkness, it’s been a busy time for me. I’ve been enjoying working with several new clients and bringing their ideas to the inked page. I’ve had less time to blog, but I do have some new printing stories percolating in the dark. You’ll see them start to emerge in the coming weeks.

On this most auspicious day, I want to thank all of you who have visited Printing Disasters, have enjoyed the articles, shared links to them with friends, and have been in touch via comments or the “contact me” page.

May the ideas and possibilities that have been developing in the dark of your year burst forth, bringing you creative satisfaction and pleasure in the new year.

Good Solstice to you all,

*The skies were clear enough to see the eclipse from my front porch. Beautiful and eerie!