Yesterday I cooked Thanksgiving dinner for a few friends. It was nice to bring out and use Grandma’s china, my hanai mom’s handblown glasses, and my mom’s special serving pieces. These domestic items connect me to my past and these powerful women who passed down their traditions along with their recipes. I miss them.

When I was washing the dishes, I broke the cut-glass dish Mom always used for serving the cranberry sauce. Aw, sad! It reminded me how fleeting things really are. As my Buddhist friend Betty is fond of pointing out, “It’s yet another lesson in non-attachment.” Indeed.

Today it’s quiet and gray, with the rain pounding on the skylights and Hula snoozing at my feet in the studio. My refrigerator is full of Thanksgiving leftovers.

I am grateful for my many blessings.

Fall harvest bounty at the University Farmers Market