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If you haven’t bought your holiday cards yet, I encourage you to consider buying ones that were lovingly handmade and printed on a letterpress. A good place to shop for them is Etsy. My search for “letterpress holiday cards” at yielded 58 pages of beautiful cards to peruse!

If you haven’t shopped there before, you’re in for a treat. The cards I bought on Etsy from Vandalia Street Press just arrived and they are really lovely.

I say, get keepsake-quality handmade artisan cards and support working artists at the same time. It’s a win-win!

SVC_Wayzgoose_8-09.jpgwayzgoose is an old-timey party traditionally held by printers for their apprentices at the end of August.

The eighth annual Wayzgoose and Steamroller Smackdown at Seattle’s School of Visual Concepts was not your run-of the-mill picnic. SVC had invited teams of local designers to carve large posters into battleship linoleum, ink them, then print them by running over them with a real steamroller!

Twelve teams accepted the challenge, including printer-designers from Fitch, Starbucks, Turnstyle, Methodologie, and Evolution Press. At the end of the day, the steamroller posters were auctioned off with proceeds going to support SVC’s letterpress programs.

The festivities also included tours of SVC’s letterpress studio and a tempting Letterpress Marketplace of printed broadsides, cards, and ephemera designed and printed by SVC students, local letterpress printers, and book artists.

As the afternoon passed, the clouds burned away. Hotdogs sizzled on the grill as bluegrass fiddlers serenaded the crowd. And big posters festooned the railings of the School of Visual Concepts, drying in the late-summer breeze.

What a fun day and fundraiser for a worthy cause!

See the Wayzgoose Photo Gallery →

I’d been planning a post on letterpress printers. I’d invited my Twitter friends to recommend their favorite letterpress artisans, and I’d been spending enjoyable hours online browsing the websites and Etsy shops they had suggested.


Then came a knock at the door. It was the UPS man, bearing gifts!

The gift was this handsome package of Cadeaux Chocolates, created in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood.

Tied around the box with a creamy satin ribbon was a gorgeous letterpressed thank you card from Evolution Press that rivaled the beauty of the chocolate box and the artful dark chocolates inside.

What a generous gesture from Scott Hill and the staff at Evolution Press. Thank you. I hope the designer I referred to you decided to have you print his business papers!

The Cadeaux Chocolates box was designed by Graphiti Associates and printed  by Evolution Press on Mohawk Renewal. (Click on the image for an enlarged view.)

And the chocolates? They were delicious!

With so many letterpress artisans out there making beautiful work, it’s going to be a challenge to pick just a handful to feature in this blog. Keep those suggestions coming, though. I’m definitely enjoying the richness of the hunt and look forward to sharing my finds with you soon.

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